Continuing Education:

New Jersey licensees are responsible for maintaining an accurate record of their continuing education activities.  Pick up a transparent pocket folder or string envelope at your favorite office supplies store, slide the log sheet in the front, and store your CE certificates, punch cards and other CE documentation inside.  A transparent folder will help keep this important file easy to find and the log sheet will help you keep track of credits earned.

CCRA-NJ sponsors seminars throughout the year.  The Annual Spring Convention is held in March and the Fall Midyear Conference is held in Atlantic City in October.  The November General Membership Meeting in Carteret or Jamesburg usually offers a 1.5 hour seminar with no registration fee required.  A summer seminar series is held every other June coinciding with CCR license renewals. Other seminars may be organized at various times and locations throughout the year, as well.

Continuing Education Credit Log

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