The Certified Court Reporters Association of New Jersey (CCRA-NJ), established in 1938 as the Certified Shorthand Reporters Association of New Jersey, is a not-for-profit organization of individual members involved in or affiliated with the skillful art of capturing the spoken word via stenographic means.  Its leadership is based upon the volunteer efforts of a board of directors, elected each November by the general membership, and the committees and task forces it establishes to proactively advocate for the best interest of the profession in general, within the State of New Jersey in particular.    

Its purpose is to endorse high standards of ethical practice, to monitor regulatory and legislative activities which may affect the profession, to investigate potential peril and propose logical remediation when necessary.  CCRA endeavors to preserve the continued viability of the profession through improving public awareness of the role of the certified court reporter in judicial, litigation, captioning and equal access settings, the dynamics and utilization of the technology employed, and the diversity of alternative career opportunities. 

The association provides the means for timely dissemination of important information via its website and quarterly newsletters, and by sponsoring continuing education seminars and networking opportunities.  It strives to encourage unity, active participation, and a sense of pride and community through its policy of accessibility and collective-voice inclusivity by maintaining an open email address and toll-free telephone number for members to share their thoughts, ideas, emotions and intellect.

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For more information contact:

Tim Bower, CAE
Executive Director
Certified Court Reporters Association of New Jersey
PO Box 460
Collingswood, NJ 08108
Phone: 856-875-0818
Fax: 856-210-1619
[email protected]